Management author Ram Charan suggests that ” Any organization that is not a math house now or is unable to become one soon is already a legacy company.”

The unprecedented increase and complexity of digital touch points have a tremendous impact on the way enterprises manage and perceives data. Enterprises get turbocharged and take a blue ocean shift in their competitive landscape by building machine-learning algorithms/recommendation engines for their core/business functions.

With our decades of expertise with advanced analytical methods and techniques to develop AI-based solutions, we help our clients tackle their most pressing issues. At Cyber Flax we design algorithms and build complex models out of large amounts of data. Our team of expert analytics consultants comprised of data scientists, data engineers, and SMEs brings expertise across a wide range of business verticals like Healthcare, Finance, Supply Chain Management, Banking, Travel, Manufacturing, Telecom, etc

AI Offerings

Machine Learning

Detect patterns and learn how to make predictions and prescriptions by harnessing historical data and their associated outcomes.

Natural Language Processing

Process huge volumes of languages across channels, colloquial phrases, sarcasms and other forms of human expression, and understand in a way similar to how human brain understands.

Conversational UI

Customized bot specific to your industry. Cutting edge design and development backed by strong NLP practice across multiple industry make us standout in building Custom bots.


Handle your high volume and repeatable tasks that requires a human effort by embracing the power of AI

Analytical Approach

We serve our clients, case teams, and practice areas in delivering intelligence, insights, and opportunities through advanced analytics. From acquiring client data, cleaning and summarizing it for easy analysis to big data management, modelling, and tool support, as well as developing custom client tools and applications.

Engineering Approach

Solving business problems through the use of data management or creating products and services with advanced data needs. We help our client build their data pipeline & architectures in production environments required to support advanced analytics and product development.

Scientific Approach

We design and build powerful, analytics-based solutions to help our clients tackle their most pressing core/business problems. We own the full analytics value chain, discovering new business challenges, building fact bases, coming up with innovative algorithms.