Who We Are

We are a global technology enterprise specialized in providing Digital Transformation and complex technology services to a wide range of enterprises, unicorn startups and social institutions.

Established in 2010 with a goal to become a Global Innovation & Development partner. With nearly a decade of experience, we add compelling value through our agile and collaborative approach across your digital value chain.

Defined by our people, powered by our knowledge - we are always innovating


To be the fastest growing, rewarding and transformative organization that brings inspiration and innovation to everyday work.

And by 2022, to be preferred Consulting and Services Company to the clients in Digital Transformation and Big Data solutions.


Provide high product quality and superior customer service.

Encourage innovation and Embrace creativity.

Culture of belonging, everyone is welcome.

Communicate fearlessly to build trust.

Encourage employees to Think Big, Have Fun and Do Good.

Champion the Vision.

Discover the Potential - Realize the Possibility - Explore the Future


You cannot copy a culture; you can only grow and develop it.

Getting close to customers requires more than resources -- it requires leadership, action, and a willingness to let this customer-first philosophy guide you every single day. Building a sustainable business cannot be achieved without building a collaborative and entrepreneurial culture that supports and enables it. Supporting this, our leadership and culture are erected on communicating values, promoting constructive self-criticism, sharing feedback, showing appreciation, and cradling space for creative thinking.

A company's culture are the foundation for future innovation. Leadership job is to build that foundation

Our founders and management team have worked in the industry for more than thirty years. The team has extensive experience in developing and managing global delivery teams and integrated processes. Over the years, we have created a strong foundation and are working towards scaling the operations and expanding our horizons.

Our company culture are the continuous pursuit of building the best, most talented, and the happiest team we possibly can

Our Leadership Culture brings less control, more encouragement to take responsibility!

Take the Leap - Walk the line.Learn,

Be Humanized - Recognize the value of people.

Practice & Excel

Make & Share Progress

Our Customers Typically

Are under regulatory compliance and are security conscious.

Demand maximum performance, reliability and efficiency.

Are up for the Digital Revolution and Modernising Legacy System.

Have multiple locations.

Have unused Business Data.

Hosts Always On, Always Available and Everywhere environment.

Have less than 500 employees.

Good workplace is made by happy people.

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