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Adopt a digital strategy that lets you define the rules of the game

The cyber-powered increase in global connectivity has altered the course of the transportation & logistics sector in more ways than one. This led to a phenomenal rise in operational complexity which brings about a new level to the game with its own set of rules, and those who don't play by the rules of this hyper-digitized era will most certainly be left behind. The challenges faced by the industry vary from supply chain complexities to strict regulations, exchange rate fluctuations, and market pressure.

In order to stay on top of the game in such a competitive ecosystem, companies have resorted to adapting vigorous digital transformation strategies. With every new challenge that rises up there are multiple IT solutions, the question then boils down to who has the most seamless, agile and the most robust solutions to these problems. Sparity provides an answer to these questions in the form of domain-specific, AI driven, custom IT solutions that provide a strategic advantage to our global clients.

Sparity lets you navigate the complexities of the communications industry with its agile and cost effective measures. You can radically alter the shape of your business processes and adopt digital transformation policies that lets you rewrite market standards.

Our Offerings

Our team of industry experts have accumulated years of experience and domain knowledge by working closely with a global supply chain network. From ideation to deployment and maintenance our focused approach aims to address issues from every possible angle. Sparity's innovative and insightful strategy is structured to provide our clients with the following offerings

Sparity is well equipped to handle the rapidly evolving requirements of any domain that falls under the transportation and logistics sector, whether it is the shipping, railways, trucking or airfreight industry.

Smart Geocoding | Dispatch Overview | Predictive Alert | Live Tracking | Enroute Analytics

  • Innovative products and services like chatbots, voice recognition, AI-powered predictive maintenance for increase in ARPU.
  • Elevated IT infrastructure and network optimization services at a scalable range.
  • IoT enabled connectivity services for enhanced security, data management and network connectivity.
  • Sophisticated testing and assessment for increased quality of output.
  • Managed services for process optimization and increased operational efficiency