At Cyber Flax we believe "It may well be that data is the last unfair advantage we're legally allowed to take over our competitors"

Data is very similar to a diamond which flourishes under pressure! An enterprise asset which has much more potential if worked upon it. Every set is unique; there are a variety of factors which affects the outcome.

Having a decade of experience in strategizing data, creating micro digital touchpoints (for better data collection) to building algorithms for solving complex business problems. Our team of experienced engineers with a diverse set of domain expertise has successfully executed 100+ data related projects, starting from data maturity analysis.

Our refined set of Data Analytics offerings

Business Intelligence

We work with you to create new strategies to plan, build and run effective security programs.

Enterprise Data Management

We help you build a more secure and resilient organization.

Data Visualization

We offer hands-on expertise that helps you detect and remediate threats and vulnerabilities and solve security challenges.

Big Data

We help you build a more secure and resilient organization.

Our experts are constantly looking at systems to understand the functions of each component and identify new vulnerabilities and ways to mitigate them. They are studying the industry, observing the market and working with our clients to build knowledge and Protect Your Business.

Analytics at Cyber Flax

  • With our expertise in analytical tools and techniques we help gather and prepare multiple and complex data sets for analysis.
  • Use advanced analytics and insights to improve customer, marketing and product portfolio strategy.
  • We make effective use of robust analytics and technology stack to provide cutting-edge insights for our clients.

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