Drastically increase efficiencies – and revenues – through innovative solutions.

Cyber Flax customizes solutions for the manufacturing industry that improve order visibility, minimize excess inventory, amplify salesforce automation, and facilitate improved reporting. We ensure that whatever it is that you produce, you are able to do it more efficiently and speedily, and at reduced costs. Cyber Flax’ SAP solutions will ensure that you are able to improve productivity and produce higher quality products. We invest our time-tested knowledge to allow you greater control over your manufacturing process – right from the starting phase of product development, through to the supply chain process, and the services that come up after a sale is done. Cyber Flax helps manufacturers achieve their strategic goals by aligning production processes with customer demands and facilitating collaboration with suppliers for better returns.


I want to integrate my supply chain

Visibility and control are key to performance. We enable manufacturers to be able have complete transparency across their global supplier network. We achieve this by automating the flow of data and information, both to and from suppliers. This comprehensive view provides you with invaluable insight into how you can maximize efficiency across your supply chain.

New technologies such as Internet of Things (IoT), RFID and analytics allow optimization of the supply chain process across its various functions, including demand planning, inventory management, and so on.

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I want to minimize costs and increase profits with strategic sourcing and procurement

As markets change and customer demands evolve, it becomes imperative that you are able to adapt and drive real business value from your network. Cyber Flax helps you enlist the support of the right SAP solution, so your sourcing strategy becomes clear. We will streamline your procurements processes and reduce risk. We achieve this by automating approval flows, which facilitate greater collaboration with suppliers. Better collaboration allows you to create a real-time supply chain, where all the systems and processes are connected end to end, thereby giving you the freedom to manage and transform your supply chain to generate greater productivity.

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II want to improve asset usage and minimize costs in order to maximise asset performance

Manufacturers are under constant pressure to increase speed, become leaner and gain competitive edge. A streamlined enterprise asset management allows you to monitor end to end asset lifecycle efficiently.

Having real-time visibility, coupled with robust analytics allows you to maximize ROI on assets, including property, plant, and equipment. Cyber Flax’ solutions will help you reduce shutdowns, both planned and unplanned, as well as overall asset management costs.

Experience reduced costs, higher availability, utilization and performance of your critical assets with Cyber Flax’ robust asset management solutions. A single integrated platform will allows you to collaborate, automate, manage and perform.

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I want to improve customer experience

Managing customer relationships is key to creating experiences that will keep your customers delighted and coming back. We utilize our SAP know-how to ensure that you are able to meet consumer demands across various channels. Our CRM solutions, crafted specifically for dealer management and service areas, will help you manage increasing intricacies of customer service management. It’s crucial to ensure that there is reliable, consistent and flexible service provided at each customer touchpoint, both before and after a sale occurs.

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SAP Consulting

Cyber Flax offers manufacturing businesses the full range of SAP consulting services. From process consulting to implementation, through to support and hosting, and everything in between, Cyber Flax can address all your SAP consulting needs.


SAP Implementation can be complex and challenging and may drain many organization resources. Cyber Flax helps your organization minimize delays and reduce risks associated with implementation of ERP. We offer a variety of delivery models – onshore, offshore and blended, all of which can be customized to your specific needs.

SAP Managed Services

We take the complexity and overhead of managing your back-end business systems away from our customers, so they can focus on running their business – lowering their Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) and increasing their SAP Return on Investment.

SAP Support

The Cyber Flax Group ensures our customers receive all the functionality offered in SAP Enterprise Support, including: Root cause analysis, Remote services for technical risk assessment, TQC, Business process monitoring, SAP solution manager enterprise edition, Service Level Agreements, and all applicable patches and upgrades